Who We Are

WELCOME to Terra Firma Farms. We are a small-scale, certified organic farm located in beautiful Revelstoke, British Columbia. We specialize in garden transplant and heirloom vegetables. Our crops are grown using ecological and sustainable practices.  

Our Philosophy

Nature knows best! We believe good soil management is the foundation of organic farming. Our mantra is feed the soil not the plant. By maintaining healthy soils we are able to preserve this sensitive ecosystem that is alive and teeming with life. Our soil management consists of recycling plant residue, mixed plant and animal farming, the use of cover crops, symbiotically designed crop rotation and adding minerals in their most natural form. Soil fertility in nature is maintained and renewed by recycling plant and animal residue.

Some Quotes We Like

"Let us give nature a chance, she knows her business better than we do." - Michael De Montaigne "Fertility of the soil is the future of civilization." - Sir Albert Howard
"How dare you treat your soil like dirt." - Joel Salatin
"A man who cheats the earth, the earth will cheat the man."-Chinese proverb